Our Company

Feel Good. No other statement sums up human nature and drive more completely than Feel Good. It is the fruition of our daily existence. The goal we strive for at the end of the day. We love, laugh, and live to Feel Good. Whether it's walking the dog, eating ice cream, or enjoying a family dinner - we do it to Feel Good. We strive to exercise right, eat right, achieve balance - so why are still living in a chemical mess of a world?

From paint to plants, our world is inundated with chemicals, additives, and poisons that make us Feel Bad. It is time to change that for good.

Our promise at SafeHaven is simple: we offer products and services handcrafted, additive free, and safe.


Lay down in your way catnip stuck in a tree, sunbathe kittens.


sleep in the sink climb the curtains attack, give me fish.