About Our Reclaimed Barn Siding

After a lifetime of withstanding the elements of the American Northeast, reclaimed barn siding possesses beauty that has been earned and durability that has been tested. With minimal upkeep, a variety of widths and lengths, and custom milling options, antique barn siding can lend its character to any interior or exterior space. A variety of natural colors or finish options assure tasteful pairing with any residential, commercial, or retail project. Naturally weathered by years of exposure to the elements, our antique barn siding – made from virgin, old-growth wood – is highly prized for its rustic patina and dense, enduring nature. At Reclaimed DesignWorks, we supply old barn wood that is carefully dismantled from barns and other wooden structures in America’s East and Midwest. Each plank is hand-inspected and denailed, kiln-dried to remove moisture and impurities, and then precision milled into distinctive wood of strength, character and durability.

Antique Interior Brown Barn SidingAntique Interior Brown Barn Siding

ant-BARN-SIDING-EXTERIOR-screened-320x220Antique Grey-Brown Barn Siding (Face-Planed)

Prefinished_White_Exterior_GreyBrown_Siding-320x220Antique Prefinished White Barn Siding

Prefinished_Red_Exterior_GreyBrown_Siding1-320x220Antique Prefinished Red Barn Siding

Antique-Reclaimed-Grey-Brown-Barn-Board-320x220Antique Grey-Brown Barn Siding (Back-Planed)