Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Once a supportive beam in a rustic barn or a hand-hewn rafter from an deconstructed factory, our antique reclaimed wood has a unique story to tell. With a distinct mix of character and natural beauty, these woods make the perfect flooring option for your home or office, adding a welcoming warmth to any space.

At Reclaimed DesignWorks, we take wood that has outlived its usefulness in old barns, warehouses and other wooden structures and give it new life. Salvaged from wood joists, rafters, granary boards, siding and more from decades ago, our reclaimed hardwoods feature original saw marks, nail holes, sound cracks, checking and more, making your new flooring truly one-of-a-kind. Look closely—there’s history in every plank.

Antique Oak Flooring

You’ll fall in love with with the natural beauty, patina and character of antique oak hardwood flooring, one of our most popular options. Characterized by warm earth tones, rustic grain patterns and a tight knot structure, antique oak flooring is the perfect complement to any room.


Distinctive Attributes:

• A warm and inviting color palette with hints of russet, ruddy browns and ocher
• Known for durability, strength and resistance to wear
• Salvaged from wood joists, rafters, granary boards, floorboards in old barns and other wooden structures
• Available in old original face, hit-skip or resawn varieties

Antique-Old-Original-Face-Oak-Thumb-320x220Antique Oak Original Face

Antique-Hit-Skip-Oak-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Oak (Hit-Skip)

Antique-Oak-Resawn-Thumb-320x220Antique Oak (Resawn)

Antique-Oak-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Oak

Antique Heart Pine Flooring

Heart Pine’s superbly tight grain and lavish, tawny shade will charm and transform any room. A beautiful option for your home or office, Old Original Face Antique Heart Pine flooring features durable wood from the core of the pine tree, where it is the hardest and darkest. This wood is reclaimed from factories and mills that once powered manufacturing bases, where it was used in vital support beams—a true testament to its strength and durability.

Distinctive Attributes: 

• Intense amber and yellow-orange tones
• A very tight grain (often more than seven growth rings per inch)
• Features an abundant mix of sound knots, cracks, nail holes and character marks
• Available in old original face, hit-skip, common grade or select grade varieties


Antique Old Original Face Pine Flooring Thumb

Antique-Hit-Skip-Pine-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Heart Pine (Hit-Skip)

Antique-Common-Grade-Heart-Pine-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Heart Pine (Common Grade)

Antique-Select-Grade-Heart-Pine-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Heart Pine (Select Grade)

Other Tree Species

Antique-Tobacco-Pine-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Tobacco Pine

Antique-Beech-Maple-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Beech - Maple

Antique-Factory-Maple-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Factory Plank

Antique-Wormy-Chestnut-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Wormy Chestnut 

Antique-Black-Walnut-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Black Walnut

Antique-Hickory-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Hickory

Antique-Historic-Plank-Thumb1-320x220Antique Historic

Antique-Trophy-Plank-Thumb-320x220Antique Trophy Plank

Antique-Trophy-Plank-Oak-Flooring-Thumb-320x220Antique Trophy Plank (Oak)